Myself, a descendant of a person from Ognio, Ernesto Corsiglia, my paternal grandfather, whom I saw there in his later years in 1962 on a visit after he had returned to Ognio, Italy,  his birthplace.  He died a few years later of cancer at an advanced age.  At the time I was a university student at one of Stanford University's overseas campuses located in Tours, France and I was on holiday with friends, travelling all over France, Italy, Austria and southern Germany by automobile.  It was so wonderful to visit Ognio and to meet our relatives there! They were so kind to us and so welcoming. We will never forget that trip and the lovely mists rising in the morning sun over the olive trees growing on the terraced hillsides.   What an exquisite area!
I will include a photo or two of myself and of my father, Joseph Corsiglia, who is now 91.  He still drives, is very sharp mentally and has a great sense of humor and wit---he visits my mother daily as she is in a nursing home with Alzheimers but she is otherwise in good health.  He is very independent and takes care of himself, his home, cooking, cleaning and visits with my sister and her family several times a week. I have a photo of my father at his 90th birthday celebration with his grandson Christopher, my sister's oldest son, who really looked a lot like my father when he was young. Chris was a computer genius and a very nice, handsome young man who unfortunately at age 22 was killed this summer in a roadway accident. He was about to graduate from college and had a beautiful girlfriend from Brazil.  We are all heartbroken and still grieving terribly over his loss.  Chris built a computer and gave it to my father as a birthday present when he was 85, teaching him how to use the computer and the internet.  My dad daily  tracks the news, weather, his stocks and does searches and he learned fast under my nephew's tutelage even at 85, which we found amazing so he has been using a computer for six years by now..
It would be great to see some photos of Ognio and forward those to my dad..  I thought the ones posted of Neirone and some of the surrounding towns were exquisite.  I was so well treated by the relatives in Ognio when I visited there in 1962, so carry good memories of the place.  At the time they did not have good heating in the homes so warmed the beds at night with bed warmers heated with coals  and covered the beds with thick, fluffy down filled comforters.  It was like sleeping on clouds!  So interesting to hear that some of Picasso's and Frank Sinatra's ancestors came from that region.  We must have inherited good genes!
I now live in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, USA and my
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Father, Joseph Corsiglia, above, shown with grandson Christopher a year ago, at my dad's 90th birthday celebration,  lives in Palo Alto, California, USA.
Have a very fine evening!
Sandra Corsiglia Raymond