Anthony's Family Reunion
Sausage Recipe


5-7 lbs Italian Sausage Links ( Fresh )
5-7 lbs Polish Sausage Links ( Fresh )
3-4 Quart Jars of Spaghetti Sauce ( home made is fine ) "add spices/garlic to sauce if you wish"
2 Small Sq Aluminum deep dish baking Pans


In large soup pot, par-boil the sausage in water ( 5-7-lbs per pot )
until the casings start to break/or most of the grease has floated to the top.
Take out of pot, and cut links into 2-3 inch sections,
further cook/brown the sausage on the BBQ grill rotating them at least one time until browned,
Then place them in the 2 pans and add the spaghetti sauce evenly on top of the sausages,
place in oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. ( serve hot )
{Both kinds of sausages can be mixed or served Separately in the Pans}

Yield; enough Sausage for the Family Reunion with sometimes a little left over,,,


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