Janice Guarnieri's
Baked Mostacholi/Lasagna Recipe


3- jars spaghetti sauce
1-lb hamburger-meat
1-lb mostacholi noodles
2-cups cottage cheese
2- eggs
3- 8oz pkg mozzarella cheese
1- Large Rectangular Foil Pan

Middle: Mix Together (in a medium bowl) all ingredients below
together for cheese layers..

2-cups- cottage cheese
2-cups- mozzarella cheese
salt (dash)
pepper (ground) few shakes
parsley flakes (few shakes)
2- eggs


Brown hamburger-meat in skillet,
and boil noodles.
Add sauce to meat.
Add noodles to meat/sauce mixture.
Cover bottom of Large Rectangular Foil
Pan with sauce/noodle mixture.
Spoon cheese layer on next.
Layer sauce/noodle mixture again.
Sprinkle all remaining mozzarella
cheese on top of lasagna. Bake at
350 degrees in oven, for about 45
minutes or until brown.

*** Cheese mixture can be varied for
adding more of one cheese or another.

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