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Gud job. Happy New Year 1998
Princ of Siebenburgen Ladislav Igor Batora <>
Stuttgart, AR USA - Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 12:36:51 (EST)

Somos imigrantes, vindo de Mantova/Italia, já estamos na oitava geração, em torno de 3000 descendentes. Caso alguem tenha alguma informação que possa contribuir com a árvore, favor contactar via e-mail. Obrigado
Josué André Guarnieri <>
Mogi Mirim, SP Brasil - Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 07:29:00 (EST)
VINEMONT, AL USA - Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 11:02:33 (EST)
Il mio nome è Giorgio Guarnieri,vivo con la mia famiglia a Roma. Un saluto a tutti i GUARNIERI del mondo
Giorgio Guarnieri <>
Roma, it Italia - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 18:03:36 (EST)
Hi! Cousin Bob here. This is a terrific idea and website!
Bob Smith & Family <>
Warren, MI USA - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 02:11:22 (EST)
Fabulous site! Found the Hennigan name on the metacrawler and it directed me here. Found my maiden name HENNIGAN listed in the gen-com but not places of birth? My Hennigan's are from Ireland>N.C.>Ala>Miss>Tex by 1850>Okla.>settled inN.Mex by 1909 to present day. Something fun is that our Hennigans are still attracted to Italians...have a cousin that is married to an Italian...something about em!!! Love your site!!!! L Hennigan Denham
L. Hennigan Denham <>
Pocatello, Id USA - Sunday, December 21, 1997 at 15:56:09 (EST)
Dear family, WE have a very nice webpage
Anthony Guarnieri <Hypeman666>
Allen Park, MI USA - Saturday, December 20, 1997 at 20:13:27 (EST)
Tony, Noticed in my search for the name Bufalino came up, and am wondering if my late Aunt Angie, who was married to my uncle James Bufalino might be your relative. They were originally from Pittston Pa. Like to hear from you Good Luck in your Search-Russ Bufalino,
Russell Angelo Bufalino <>
USA - Friday, December 19, 1997 at 23:50:32 (EST)
Loved your animated Snowman and Trees. We hope all of the Guarnieri's have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.
Aunt Pat & Uncle Skip
USA - Friday, December 19, 1997 at 07:11:03 (EST)

Hello,Ciao,... Happy Holidays !!!!,,,Buon Natale..!!! Paesano's...
Thanks to Everyone Who Has Visited & Contributed Information & Ideas To Our Web Page, Many Guarnieri Family's & Relatives Have Been Reunited Through The Guarnieri Home Web Page, & Myself Along With Many Other Visitors To This Site Have Gotten To Know One Another & Meet New Friends From Around The World... 1997 Will Go Down As One Of The Best Years Of My Life... Grazie.!! Thanks To You All..!!!! My Family, & Friends,..!!!!..Ciao..!!!

Anthony J. Guarnieri <>
Warren, MI USA - Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 18:09:12 (EST)

I am a Guarnieri on my monther's side (her maiden name). This is my first visit to the site. It looks great!
Sonja Gasser <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 14:35:44 (EST)
Thank you Tony (big brother), for the opportunity to visit the web page to catch up on things going on in the family!!
Michele M. Guarnieri <Agresive77>
Utica, Mi. USA - Wednesday, December 17, 1997 at 18:25:09 (EST)
Eu fiz uma busca pelo sobrenome NAZARIO e apareceu seu nome gostaria de saber se voce tem algum parentesco com este sobrenome. atenciosamente EDSON NAZARIO
Home page:
Signed in on 12/13/97 12:57:00EST

Hey Amber! I logged onto your web site to explore. What a lovely coat of arms you have! I wish your family well in searching for more relatives. By the way, here is a suggestion, instead of saying (on the number of visitors) Guarnieri, say Guest.
Crystal Margaret Gray ask mt dad what it is, easily found in mirc
Home page: none
Signed in on 12/13/97 11:46:00EST
Melvindale, Hann USA

Home page:
Signed in on 12/10/97 05:18:00EST
Bologna, ITALY

Home page: N/A
Signed in on 12/09/97 18:24:00EST

I am one of the few Guarnieri's in Mendoza, Argentina. My grandfather was borned in Locorotondo, Italy. I can't imagine the purpose of this web page. ???
Adriano Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 12/08/97 18:53:00EST

Maureen Guarnieri-Adams
Home page:
Signed in on 12/06/97 16:59:00EST
Burke, VA USA

The page is great! I'm compiling our family info and hope to add as much as I can shortly. I NEVER knew there were so many Guarnieri's in the world. It makes me even prouder of our great name.
Gioacchino (Jack) Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 12/05/97 21:48:00EST
Jackson, NJ USA

Hello everyone. What a pleasant surprise, Tony, to find a message from you. You took me to your wonderful home page. Congratulations !! You did a fantastic job. I will come back and explore further, but for now let me say that my grandfather was Luigi Guarnieri, born in Budapest, Hungary. He married his wife, my maternal grandmother, Maria Diaferio in Margherita di Savoia, near Bari. I have quite a bit of info I will share very soon. Must run to get ready for work....
Marilisa Frigo Stanton
Home page:
Signed in on 12/05/97 08:10:00EST
Palestine, TX USA

Hello!! My name Anthony Chris Guarnieri. Glad to see there are more Guarnieri's out there besides me. This is a nice Web site with allot of good family information....Chris
Anthony Chris Guarnieri AGUARNI@RHQVM14.IBM.COM
Home page: IBM.COM
Signed in on 11/30/97 20:43:00EST
Albany, GA USA

I thought your site was great. I don't how ever think that I am a member of your family. Very colorful and pleasing to the eye - I think there should be more sites like yours . Thank you for allowing me to visit. Sincerely WD Hoskins
William David Hoskins
Home page:
Signed in on 11/24/97 10:57:00EST
Orem,Utah, USA

I have previously signed in on the guest book, but my e-mail address has changed, so I am giving you my new e-mail address. Please update your records accordingly. Thanks for the nice page! Mike
Michael S. Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 11/14/97 09:46:00EST
Stamford, CT USA

You have Gaudens listed on the yahoo UK & Ireland site. Am interested in more about them. EMail me if it is possible to help with the Gauden name. Thank you Thomas PS. Like your home page.
Thomas Gauden
Home page:
Signed in on 11/09/97 20:51:00EST
wilmington, ohio USA

It was nice talking to you ANTONIO.Thanks for all the tips!
Tammey <>
Jackson, MI USA - Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at 23:29:28 (EDT)

Very interesting. If anyone has Guarneri family tree e-mail me.
Monica Guarneri Mckean
Home page: don't have one
Signed in on 10/16/97 17:12:00EST
Moncks Corner, S.C. USA

william guarniere
Home page:
Signed in on 10/05/97 13:13:00EST
houston, tx USA

We are friends of Linda's and Matt's from MI Just stopped by to check things out Nice job on your web page SEE YA
Scott and Devon DARKRYSTL
Home page:
Signed in on 09/30/97 23:54:00EST

My Guarnieri's come from Caltavuturo, Palermo. I have much information on the family. The oldest Guarnieri is Onofrio Guarnieri born in 1780. I have tree with most of his descendants represented on it . If you have any information or would like any information please contact me. Maybe we are distant cousins. I met one through the computer and he lives in Switzerland. I have been corresponding with another distant cousin for about a month now. She lives in Palermo.
charlie guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 09/30/97 16:51:00EST
valley stream, ny USA

Signed in on 09/27/97 12:01:00EST

Home page:
Signed in on 09/24/97 19:50:00EST

It's nice to see a place where we can learn about our name and the possibility that we are all somehow related at least through that great name.
Gioacchino (Jack) Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 09/21/97 22:04:00EST
Jackson, NJ USA

I'm the grandson of Paul (pavlo) and Vita Guarnieri and Salvatore and Giovanna (Josephine) Rambolo Guarnieri. The reason for the same name on both sides is because my father was adopted and in those days, they did things like that. My two grandfathers and a uncle,Jack came to the USA from Saint Gussippi near Parlarmo Sicily.My uncle jack and his family settled in Brooklyn and both of my grandfathers came to Frankfort N.Y.Salvatore Batista Guarnieri born 10/13/1877 and died 10/06/1945 ,his wife Gionanna Rambolo Guarnieri 03/19/1881 died 01/02/1940. Pavlo Guarnieri was born 1882 died 1965,Vita Guarnieri born 1881,died 1939.From what my grandfather told me they left sisters and parents back there.Thank you for letting me share this info with you.
Salvatore S Guarnieri tutisal
Home page: salphil
Signed in on 09/11/97 12:34:00EST
Jacksonville, Al USA

A minha família chegou ao Brasil em 1888 no porto de Santos. Ela Anunciata Tavernari Guarnieri (Médica) e seus seis filhos pequenos, mais quatro cunhados irmão de Pietro Guarnieri. Seguiram para a cidade de Amparo, Interior de São Paulo, anos depois fixaram residência em Mogi Mirim, onde gerou uma quantidade muito grande de familiares, já estamos na nona geração, próximo dos 1500 descendentes. Parabenizo o saldoso ANTONY por sua criatividade de montar está base de dados. Caso alguem queira uma amostra da construção da árvore genealogica terei o maior prazer em enviar.
Josué André Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 09/02/97 23:28:00EST
Mogi Mirim, sp BRASIL

I am the daughter of Anitt (Bob) Guarnieri and Angelina Olivieri of Endicott, N.Y. My grandfather, John Guarnieri, was a stone mason in Endicott and trained his 5 sons in that trade although only three of them pursued it as a career. I believe that he and my grandmother came to this country in the early 1900's from Bari, Italy. She was Vita Piepoli. This is the most wonderful find for me and I hope to learn my genealogy from other Guarnieri's throughout the world. Yippee!
Carol Guarnieri Johnson
Home page:
Signed in on 08/30/97 22:56:00EST
St. Simons Island, GA USA

I am the daughter of John A. Guarnieri, Jr.(the opera singer), granddaughter of Johnny Guarnieri, Sr. (the jazz pianist). Both are now deceased. I'm an artist/illustrator and live and work in New York. I currently don't own a computer (I'm at my boyfriend's), but after seeing this page, I think I'll get one soon... This is amazing, and I can't wait to come back when I have more time. Wonderful work! and thank you for this terrific resource...
Christel Elizabeth Guarnieri none
Home page:
Signed in on 08/22/97 21:34:00EST
New York, NY USA

I live in Geneva, but my family come from Piacenza (Italy). Your site is fantastic !! Ciao ciao !!
Fabrice Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 08/18/97 07:11:00EST
Thônex, Gene Switzerland

Hi all you GUARNIERI'S!!! I am a fourth generation Guarnieri.. Descending from Albert & Rose who moved to the USA back in 1900's. I think this is a truely marvelous idea and am so glad to be a part of its history. Thanx Tony!!
Theresa Martin
Home page:
Signed in on 08/17/97 20:36:00EST
Detroit, MI USA

Dear Cousins Tony & Jan Great speaking with you the other day. Sorry I missed the reunion, but we'll hook up with you the next time I'm in Warren. Bona Saluto-Bona Fortuina Your Cousin, Ray
Raymond J. Guarnieri (For Ray)
Home page:
Signed in on 08/16/97 09:32:00EST
Prichard, WV USA

I've been trying to update my family tree for some time with little or no help that was very easy. You have some great data on the Strausborger's I've never been able to obtain. Keep up the great work and hopefully you will find all the Guarnieri's in the world.
Richard L. Strausborger
Home page:
Signed in on 08/03/97 18:26:00EST
Orangevale, CA USA

Hi, I'm so glad to know how my surname is so important in the world. I live in a little city (Bergamo)in the north of Italy where our surname isn't so popular. My grandfather, on the other hand, (Oddone Guarnieri) comes from a little village near Padova, another city in the north west of Italy and now lives in Milan. I'm going to come to New York during the next december, and I hope to find some Guarnieri there. Congratulations for our beautiful page on the net. I'll visit it more times in the future. Bye. love Elena
Elena Guarnieri (temporary)
Home page:
Signed in on 07/12/97 10:24:00EST
Bergamo, Italy

My deceased father's name was Joseph Guarnieri as was his father's name, Salvatore Guarnieri.
Charlotte Guarnieri Laird bdgd325
Home page:
Signed in on 07/02/97 18:51:00EST
Trenton, NJ USA

Hy, Tony! I thought by now I knew EVERYTHING about you and the many links of your charming HomePage - but, to my surprise, I found a NEW thing (well: not new - but I never saw it before!). Such a GOOD surprise! Be well - and thank you for all the wonders you constantly display for us - GUARNIERIS OF THE WORLD --- unite!!!!!
Cecilia (Guarnieri) Thompson <>
Sao Paulo, SP Brasil - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 23:35:36 (EDT)
Hey, thanks Tony for this pages. My family live in Villafranca di Verona (North Italy) but the origins are from Mantova. We like to recieve a lot of E-Mail from Guarnieri surfer family. Tanti saluti da Giuliano, Franco, Sandro, Emanuela.
Giuliano Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 06/14/97 08:18:00EST
Villafranca - Verona, Italy

I was born in the north end of Boston in 1916. My parents were both from Bori, Parma, Italy. My parents' names were Serafino and Celesta (Coppellotti) Guarnieri. I am one of four children: John A. Guarnieri (deceased), Somerville, MA; Elena Guarnieri Leccacorvi (deceased), North Cambridge, MA and Andrew John Guarnieri, Pinellas Park, FL. I married Anna Mae Trainer in July, 1945, and have four children. We live in Port Arthur, TX and our children are: Rosalie Celeste Guarnieri Blanchard, William Edward Guarnieri, Gail Ann Guarnieri Plessala, and Paula Dee Guarnieri Bergeron. We have 13 grandchildren.
Antonio John Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 06/07/97 21:42:00EST
Port Arthur, TX USA

Ciao!! I live in Italy, sorry, my english is orrible. In my country Internet is expensive, i can't stay logged too much!! >> I'm a real GUARNIERI!
Francesco Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 06/04/97 18:28:00EST
Florence, ITALY

Hi I am a guarnieri. From my start of my family tree I can start back at (1850) with my great great grandfather Salvatore Guarnieri. I also know that we are from Sicily and Palermo/galamesda. From my understndeing we are an DiLamara Guarnieri. His wifes name was Marturana. Their childrens name were Concibe Pasquale, Michaele, Vincenzo, Salvatore and a sister whom we do not have the name of. Vincenczo, married Catrina Abate Meli, who are my Great grandparents. Who had the children named, cosmo, Vincenzo, Maria, Salvatore, Pasquale, Carlo, Maria, Josephine, and elizabeth. Carlo, is my grandfather. Before I get this any more confusing, if you feel you may be related to me, feel free to Email me, I would love to hear from any of you. Aimee
Aimee Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 06/04/97 02:27:00EST
Pasadena, CA USA

Wow!! There are more of us out there!!!!!!
Matthew Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 05/28/97 08:01:00EST
Baltimore, Md. USA

Dear Tony and Janice A long time ago (February) I sent you a message, when I discovered the Guarnieri Home Page. At that time, I was working on Windows 3.11. Today, my first day on W.95 - and the first day with the NEW Guarnieri page - I want to send you all a kind regard, and many thanks for the charming page you put up for us. Keep up the wonderful work - and thanks for the wonderful page you made for me as a present, and for the beautiful Page of Month - in which, such a surprise!, you feature my sons, Flavio and Paulo Guarnieri. All my love.
Cecilia Thompson
Home page:
Signed in on 05/25/97 13:35:00EST
São Paulo, SP BRASIL

Just another Guarnieri. My god, we have our own server. I never thought I'd see the day.
Peter Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 05/21/97 13:28:00EST
Baltimore, MD USA

I married a wonderful Mike Guarniei 39 years ago. I have two children, Michael & Gina. My mother in law"s name was Igina and my father in law's name was Silvio. They were born in Foggia (Faeto) Italy in the early 1900's. We have many relatives, some in Stamford and many in Pompano Beach Fl. Looking forward to hearing from someone out there soon.
Grace Milone Guarnieri 74323,
Home page:
Signed in on 05/04/97 16:58:00EST
Stamford, CT USA

my guarnieri's came from caltavuturo just looking for some relatives we lost along the way
charles guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/30/97 15:52:00EST
valley stream, ny USA

Great site, Tony! This member of the Guarnieri clan is living and working in Washington, DC for a PR firm, Fleishman-Hillard. I am from Atlanta originally -- family still lives in the area -- where I got my first taste of politics. Now, I'm hooked. The only thing I noticed missing from your site was mention of the Guarneri violin -- second only to Strad -- and now the reputation lives on in the Guarneri Quartet, an internationally renowned string quartet. I think it would make an interesting addition! Ciao bello!
Rica Marilyn Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/29/97 13:51:00EST
Washington, DC USA

Hello Tony, I was born in Brooklyn, NY USA in 1926. I was named for my father, Attilio Guarnieri, who immigrated from Parma, Italy and still had a brother, Gino (deceased), in Parma that owned a clothing factory, STILMODA, Via M. D'Azeglio 27. I am a veteran of WWII and Korea. I graduated from Kansas State University and employed in the Aerospace Industry for 40+ years. I married Esther Simonds and had three children, Dorann, Craig, and Rica. Please send any information that may be of interest. CIAO Avanti Morello!!
Attilio Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/25/97 19:46:00EST
Marietta, GA USA

My name is Francisco Guarnieri. I am a nephew of Claudio Guarnieri and Grandson of Gianfrancesco Guarnieri and Cecilia Thompson. I worship your homepage. Sorry for the stakes but I don't speak English very well. Bye Francisco Guarnieri
Francisco Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/17/97 19:48:00EST
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

What a wonderful home page. My sister, Alice Kane and niece, Liz Kane, told me to visit it. They were right. I visited Italy in 1983 and again in 1992 with Liz and her sister, Sarah. It is such a beautiful country. I would love to know more about the Guarnieri name and I would love to hear from other Guarnieris throughout the USA and the world.
Mary T. Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/08/97 22:56:00EST
Columbia, MD USA

I work at Con Edison in Staten Island, New York and my husband works for Con Edison also. He is a Guarnieri. His name is Juluis Joseph Guarnieri, Jr. His father was Juluis Joseph Guarnieri, Sr. He died 3 years ago at 91.
Lynn C. Guarnieri <>
Metuchen, NJ USA - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 09:34:24 (EDT]
I was very happy to find this site. Congratulations, Antony! My name is Cláudio Luis Guarnieri. My parents are Gianfrancesco Guarnieri and Vanya Mundin Sant'anna. He was born in Milano in 1934 and came to Brasil (São Paulo) in 1936. He is the only son of Edorado Guarnieri and Elza Guarnieri Martinenghi, who were born in Venice. My father is a famous brazilian playwriter and actor. He won the Leone D'Oro at the Venetian Festival in 1982. The informations that someone gave about my family in this sign book are uncomplete. Gianfrancesco Guarnieri got merried twice, and the second marriage with Vanya lasts until now. They got married in 1965 and had three sons: Cláudio Luis Guarnieri (writer and actor), Fernando Henrique Edoardo Guarnieri (sociologist) and Mariana Guarnieri (actress). We are sending photos of my family and I hope they will be available here soon. We'll be very glad to change informations with any member of the Guarnieri Family. There is a homepage about us at: http:\\\Broadway\8793. Our e-mail is Feel free to write in any language. See you, Cláudio
Cláudio Luis Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/05/97 17:51:00EST
São Paulo, SP Brasil

My name is Sam Guarnieri. My father is Armand Guarnieri, formerly from the Bronx, N.Y. and now lives in Miami. We moved to Nashville a few years ago. Armand's brother Johnny Guarnieri was the famed jazz pianist from the 40's and 50's. Armand's twin brother Leo was also a musician. Armand is retired from the U.S. Army and is also a musician. Their sister Ana, lives in Las Vegas and teaches music. Our cousin, Father Richard Guarnieri, is a Catholic Priest in the Bronx, N.Y. Just a quick run down on some more of us!
Sam J. Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 04/04/97 23:15:00EST
Nashville, TN USA

This is John Dominick Guarnieri, Jr., currently residing in Los Angeles and an offshoot of the New Orleans branch of the Guarnieri's. The first of these were two brothers, Paul and Vincenzo, possibly from Palermo, went to New Orleans in the late 1800's. More info will be sent to Anthony.
John Dominick Guarnieri, Jr..
Home page:
Signed in on 04/03/97 20:52:00EST
Los Angeles, CA USA

This is a great page! I didn't know there were so many Guarnieris. I can't help but wonder if I'm related to any of them. Our family was so small, it would be nice to discover that I have other relatives! Thanks!
Alice (Guarnieri) Kane
Home page:
Signed in on 04/03/97 18:36:00EST
Getzville, NY USA

I am a 19-year-old student at Ohio University. The Guarnieri family has a proud tradition and I feel lucky to be a paisano! I am majoring in Pre-Law and hope to be a sports agent; all you Guarnieri athletes should look me up in a few years. I have always enjoyed playing sports, especially basketball and tennis. I hope to make the club team here next fall. It's great to be part of this web page and I hope the word spreads quickly. Hope to hear from someone soon! -> March 31, 1997
Reid Parker Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 03/31/97 19:17:00EST
Athens, OH USA

Gina Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 03/31/97 14:08:00EST
Chicago, Il USA

Am in receipt of correspondence you sent to my Guarnieri's in-laws. Have done extensive work on this family that is from Puglianello in Benevento province. My father-in-law immigrated in 1901; his father in 1883. Family members still reside in Puglianello.
bill amerine
Home page:
Signed in on 03/30/97 12:46:00EST
yardley, pa USA

Greetings!! I am John, son of Albert John Guarnieri and Mary Grace Vassallo. My father immigrated from Campagna in 1918 with his mother and father, Mary(nee D'Ambrosio) and Bernard. They came to Chicago and in 1931 my Dad married Mary Grace Vassallo (her parents immigrated from outside Salerno) In 1932 my oldest brother, Bernard was born, he recently died, on March 23, 1997. In 1936 my sister Barbara was born and in 1938 my brother Joseph. 10 years later I was born. I am married to JoAnn (nee Solideo) and have two children, Paul (19) and Gina (17). I am very pleased and surprised to see the efforts being taken to construct this web page and geneology of the Guarnieri history. It seems that there is a limited amount of Guarnieri's in the Chicagoland area and I would love to hear from any and all who so desire. Hoping to hear from you soon.
John Albert Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 03/29/97 14:34:00EST
Chicago, Il. USA

chris guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 03/28/97 17:59:00EST
east haven, ct USA

John Anthony Guarnieri IV
Home page:
Signed in on 03/27/97 20:15:00EST
oxford, ohio USA

Estoy muy contento y asombrado por lo que encontre en la web, a partir de ahora los GUARNIERI vamos a poder estar conectados Felicitaciones Tony.
Luis Roberto Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 03/19/97 15:49:00EST
Ituzaingo, BsAs ARGENTINA

Hi, I am Elaine Knoess and my mother was Antoinette Guarnieri. She was born in Cerreto Sanita, Italy (Province of Benevento). She came to Stamford, Ct. at the age of 3. I have a sister named Joyce and she still lives in Stamford. I am living in Florida for 11 years now, but before I moved here in Stamford we were all a very close knit family with my mom and grandmother and aunts and uncles. My mother, sister and I all made a trip to Italy in l97l to see where my mother was born and visit with my grandmothers brothers and sisters. It was great. My grandfather was Leonard Jospeh Guarnieri and my grandmother was Josephine Guarnieri. I enjoy the Guarnieri Webpage very much, and hope that if anyone has any information about the Guarnieri family to contact me.
Elaine Knoess ERRJJ@AOL.COM
Home page:
Signed in on 03/02/97 21:36:00EST
Parkland, Fla. USA

Tony- Great job!! You really are the web surfer in the family. Glad to see you are still hard at work on your web sight
Aunt Pat and Uncle Skip
Home page:
Signed in on 02/27/97 08:30:00EST
Washington, MI USA

I am very proud of the fact that i have a brother like Anothony! Anthony, you did a great job with our Family Tree. It's great that I now have the opportunity to learn about my family and my heritage. I just want to say thank you for the opportunity! To all of my family out there, that i do or don't know, feel free to E-mail me. I would love to hear from you. I have many plans for my future, one of them includes a trip to Italy. I fell the need to learn about my family. Back in the beginning of the 1900's, when my grandfather, Paul John Guarnieri, Sr. came to America from Italy, he severed all ties. He felt that his children didn't need to know Italian. I, very much, want to know how my family lives/lived. I want to know more about the Violin makers,I want to know everything. Any information reguarding my heritage would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again Anthony, you are a wonderful brother and I love you. Matt thamk you for sponsering him and good luck with the new baby. Love, Always and Forever, Michele M. Guarnieri to know everything. Any
Michele M. Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 02/26/97 17:46:00EST
Clinton Twp., MI USA

Ciao! Sono contenta di aver trovato la "mia" pagina. Il mio cognome di famiglia é Thompson (Scozia) but I married the famous actor who is mentioned in another msg - Gianfrancesco Guarnieri. A most noted actor and playwriter. Born in Milano (6.august.34) from Venetian parents - il direttore d'orchestra Edoardo de Guarnieri e l'arpista Elza Guarnieri Martinenghi - Gianfrancesco é emigrato in Brasile nel 1936 - proprio nel giorno nel quale ero nata io! We married in 1958, and have two children, two marvelous boys - Flavio Edoardo Federico and Ruggero Paolo - both actors like their father. I'm a journalist, and I work at O Estado de S. Paulo, the most importante Brazilian newspaper. Pls feel free, Guarnieris of the world, to contac me. I'm looking for the Venuce Guarnieri - Edoardo's father, Francesco, was a music professor at Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, and one "aula" of the conservatory bears his name. |I will gladly provide more information on our family, and the work of the Guarnieri artists in Brasil. Gianfrancesco won a Leone D'Oro at the Film Venetian Festival! Saluti a tutti, sono lieta di avvere fatto la vostra conoscenza!
Cecilia Thompson de Guarnieri
Home page:
Signed in on 02/25/97 21:05:00EST
São Paulo, SP BRASIL

I happened upon your "Guarnieri" home page by chance. I was pleased to see that the Guarnieri name is well represented. My father (Serafino) emigrated from a small town near Parma to Boston, Ma. in 1927. He had a brother (Giovanni) who was missing in action on the Russian front during the second World War. Congratulations Anthony for putting us in contact with one another.
Joseph J. Guarnieri JJGAMG@AOL.COM
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Signed in on 02/08/97 16:44:00EST
Boston, Ma. USA

My name is Liz Kane and my mother is Alice Guarnieri, daughter of Angelo Guarnieri from Warren, Oh. My aunt still uses the name Guarnieri and lives in Maryland. My grandfather was born in Cleveland Ohio in July of 1917 to Andrew (Andrea) and Theresa Guarnieri who had recently immigrated from Genoa. They are one of two Guarnieri families still left in Warren. They are also cousins of the Chiaporri(sp?) family. If anyone has any info about this particular family e-mail me.
Liz Kane Liz
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Signed in on 01/18/97 16:05:00EST
Kent, OH USA

I am Antonio Giuseppe Guarnieri born in Venice 1931. My family has the origin in Adria which is an old town in the region of Venice but I am now living in north Germany where I am professor for physical chemistry at the university of Kiel. Our coat of arms is exactly the same with title a.s.l. as the one described by Giancarlo Guarnieri of Florence in this same Guest Book: very interesting! I remember that two brothers of my grandfather who had the same name as I, that is Antonio, went to Sao Paulo do Brazil at beginning of the century and remained there : is somebody of that family rapresented here?
Antonio Giuseppe Guarnieri
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Signed in on 01/15/97 11:38:00EST
KIEL, 2410 Germany

Really, my civil real name is only Jorge Augusto Camolês. But my mother is Edyr de Camargo Guarnieri Camolês, my father is Jaltênio Jecimino Camolês, and the original italian name of my father´s family is Camolese. In Brasil, I don´t know why, it was changed. And, when I was born, my name was not registered with my mother´s Guarnieri. I am 42 years old, married by the second time, my english knowledge is limited, and I work in the public federal organ named "Procuradoria da República em Goiás", like informatic assistent. At other opportunity I will write more clearly, because now I am very tired. Hey, Guarnieri, thank to you all ! Please, feel free to write me, in English, Portuguese, Spanish or Esperanto. Italian, not yet...
Jorge Augusto Guarnieri Camolese
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Signed in on 01/08/97 23:27:00EST
Trindade, GO Brasil

I was very happy to find the Guarnieri home page. My grandfather (for whom I am named) emigrated to Pittston, PA from Montedoro Sicily in the 20's. He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters who remained in Montedoro. They have all passed on. Their children are spread all over europe and North America. My father's cousins live in Belgium, France, Italy, as well as the USA. Our immediate family consists of my father, Charles P., my mother Rose, and my brothers Samuel Michael of Medford, NJ and Charles Paul Jr., of Webster, NY. As of this writing, my brothers each have 1 child, Michael Paul, and Allison Rose, and we are awaiting the arrival of the newest Guarnieri due on January 8th. Best wishes to all who read this.
Joseph C. Guarnieri
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Signed in on 01/07/97 19:39:00EST
Buffalo, NY USA

Hi, I am Paolo Narvaez Guarnieri, the cousin of Mario Guarnieri (two comments below). I am also the cousin of Silvia, Ovidio, Flaminia, Livio, and Angela Guarnieri, and nephew of Guido and Giancarlo Guarnieri. My grandfather Ovidio Guarnieri emigrated to Morocco in the late fourties together with his family, including my mother Clara Guarnieri. My great-grandfather, Livio Guarnieri had a lot of other children, all of which stayed in Italy and started their respective families in Livorno and Rome. Our branch of the family is mostly located in Morocco and around Spain. I am pursuing my graduate studies in Boston.
Paolo Narvaez Guarnieri
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Signed in on 01/06/97 11:59:00EST
Cambridge, MA USA

Hello! I'm one of several Mike Guarnieri's in the area. My dad's family is from Foggia (Faeto) and came to the U.S. around the 20's. This web page is great...if there are any Guarnieri's reading this and still living in Italy, let me know and the next time I'm there, I'll come visit!
Michael S. Guarnieri
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Signed in on 01/06/97 10:56:00EST
Stamford, CT USA

Hi this is Mario Guarnieri from Málaga (Spain). My Father Guido Guarnieri emigrated from Livorno (Italy) during the fourtys . My grandfather Ovidio Guarnieri was originaly from La Romagna. It has been a great surprise to find a Guarnieri Web Site. Are any of you of my Guarnieri branch? Does any of you know my cousin Paolo Narvaez Guarnieri who is studing in MIT Boston? It will be great to have news from all of you. If you have any problem with my Email adress send your message to
Mario Guarnieri
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Signed in on 01/04/97 16:13:00EST
Málaga, Spain

My maiden name is Guarnieri. My current name is Bucciferro. I would be interested in hearing from other Guarnieri's since our name is somewhat rare!
Guarnieri, Gina 74323,
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Signed in on 12/29/96 21:47:00EST
Fairfield, CT USA

I am grandaughter of Harriett Rogers, Daughter of Irene Runnels
Janice R. Shows
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Signed in on 11/18/96 21:34:00EST
Springfield, TN USA

I'm related to the Pittston Guarnieris. My husband's father Emilio was the son of John Guarnieri who emigrated to this country around the turn of the century snd worked in the coal mines in north eastern pennsylvania. He had eight children all of whom remained in the Northeast. He returned to Italy in 1948 and married a women named Vitina Torregrossa. Anyone out there know us?
Linda Guarnieri
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Signed in on 11/08/96 19:14:00EST
Bay Shore, NY USA

Here in Sao Paulo we are two main families of Guarnieri. One is belong to a famous actor names Gianfrancesco Guarnieri. The other, is belong to my grandfather, a great music composer (for me one of the best) named Camargo Guarnieri. My gran granfather came from Sicilia to Sao Paulo around 1900. I am a doctor, an orthopaedic surgeon and my speciality is hand surgery. My adress in Brazil is: Rua Dr. James Ferraz Alvim 42 ap 61 ZIP 05641-020 Sao Paulo - Brazil I am very proud to see this family site and I am avaliable to help in averything I can.
Mario Vieira Guarnieri
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Signed in on 11/03/96 14:14:00EST
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

My grandparents emigrated to Boston, MA, in about 1908, from Parma, Italy.There are many Guarnieri's in the Boston area. I own a small engineering company called Guarnieri Engineering Assoc. in Littleton, MA. I visited the town of Cremona, Italy a few years ago and was very surprised to find many Guarnieri's. All of which said they were related to Andrea, Giuseppe and Pietro Guarneri the violin makers. The mayor of Cremona told me there are two major spellings of the name Guarneri. The two variations most used are Guarnieri and Guarneri. Great to find a web site dedicated to the name Guarnieri.
Andrew Guarnieri
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Signed in on 11/02/96 17:51:00EST
Ayer, MA USA

I own and operate a restaurant (Jimmy's Restaurant) in downtown Buffalo, N.Y. It was started by my father James J. Guarnieri. I was named after my grandfather John Guarnieri. I have a 13 month old old grandson named after me, John Timothy Guarnieri
John J. Guarnieri ramonger@BuffNet.Net
Home page: BuffNet.Net
Signed in on 10/31/96 19:45:00EST
Cheektowaga, NY USA

I am from the famous Pittston Guarnieri's and am currently living in NYC. My grandfather was Emilio Guarnieri whose parents came from Sicily (I think) around the late 1890s. Anyone out there from this branch of the family?
Robert A. Guarnieri
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Signed in on 10/31/96 09:50:00EST

Am i the only Guarnieri still living in Italy? My family lives in Florence from the medioeval time we had two prior and also a noble title of "conte" with a coat of arms similar to the one rapresented here but with three rampaging lions not only one and a crown over the helm.
Giancarlo Guarnieri
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Signed in on 10/31/96 07:23:00EST
Florence, ITq Italy

I think it is fabulous that our family has a website. i have always been interested in my family history. My great grandparents are originally from Genoa (g-dad) and Milan (g-ma). My grandfather, along with other brothers and sisters and his parents, settled in a small town outside of Youngstown, OH. One of my great aunts is now Capuzello. Her son is George Capuzello, formally a pitcher for the Houston Astros. He is now retired and resides in a suburb of Tampa, Fl. My grandfather, Angelo Guarnieri, ivented the timer found one the machine gun round during WWII. If any one has any more information or would like to speak to me, I will leave my adress and phone number below. Angela Guarnieri LB#15568 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA 30460 my # is : (912) 871-4441
Angela Dawn Guarnieri
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Signed in on 10/01/96 12:39:00EST
Statesboro, GA USA

We really enjoyed seeing a web site in my maiden name. My children David (13) and Lauren (10) and my husband, Frank have also enjoyed this opportunity. Thanks Tony for all you hard work. We will be checking in from time to time.
Rosanne Guarnieri-Taylor
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Signed in on 08/30/96 18:55:00EST
Sterling Heights, MI USA

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I am doing family research about Guarnieri's. My great grandmother was one and her family was originally from Alberobello (near Bari). The Guarnieri familes I am associated with set up shop in Utica and Endicott NY (near Binghamton). I am interested in knowing the origin/meaning of the name. I was just recently told told venice as there is one of the Doges of Venice called Guarnieri. Can anyone elaborate? Thanks for any reply. Jeffrey Marcus, Rochester, NY
Jeffrey Marcus
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Rochester, NY USA

"Life is what happens while your making other plans"
Kevin Guarnieri KGuarnieri@AOL.COM
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Signed in on 08/23/96 10:38:00EST
Great Falls, VA USA

Hello everyone, This is tony himself, I like to personaly welcome you to the Guarnieri's Guestbook. Thank you for visiting the Guarnieri Web Page... Please enter your information and comments about the Web Page... Again thank you and enjoy...
Anthony Joseph Guarnieri
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Warren, MI US

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