The Guarnieri E-mail Address Book

This is a list of family members e-mail addresses, feel free to click an e-mail address, to send an e-mail. What a wonderful way to stay in touch and keep up on the happenings in our lives.

Name E-mail address
Anthony J.Guarnieri
Theresa A. (Guarnieri) Arini
Bert Skibinski
Matt Guarnieri
Arthur Lee Rogers
Cecilia (Guarnieri) Thompson
Josue Andre Guarnieri
Michael S. Guarnieri
Vince & Penny Guarnieri
Fabrice Guarnieri
Carol (Guarnieri) Johnson
Carlo Guarneri
Carlo Guarneri
Patti Guarnieri
Dave Guarnieri
Fred Guarnieri Jr
Mike Guarnieri
Charles Guarnieri
Jorge Augusto Camoles
Catherine A. George Meyers
Valentina Guarnieri
Tiago Guarnieri Feracioli
Vicki Guarnieri (pietrykowski)
Luigi & Valentina Guarnieri (Genova, Italy)
José Otavio Guarnieri
Janie Guarnieri, Raleigh, North Carolina
Michele Guarnieri, Cosenza (Calabria-Italy)
Michele Marie Guarnieri, Michigan or NY
Catherine Guarnieri, Nantes, France
Leopoldo Guarnieri, São Paulo, Itu (Brazil)
Elzo F. Guarnieri, Waterloo, Belgium
Riccardo Guarnieri, Florance, Italy

America Online Members

Add these family members to your buddy list and say "Hi" once in a while. (AOL members only) To find out if a member is currently signed on to America online click the "locate member" link.

Name Location E-mail address Locate member
Anthony Joseph Guarnieri Warren, Michigan antonioaaa
Anthony Joseph Guarnieri Stamford, Connecticut pacca624
Anthony Paul Guarnieri Warren, Michigan anthonyapg
Amber Jean Guarnieri Allen Park, Michigan amberbluii
Angelo Guarnieri Allen Park, Michigan ang3383
Anthony James Guarnieri Allen Park, Michigan hypeman666
David Paul Guarnieri Allen Park, Michigan paycheck8
Karen Guarnieri Allen Park, Michigan momofmany9
Diane (Guarnieri) Langford Warren, Michigan dmlbean
Philip Langford Warren, Michigan plxccoach
Randy Langford Warren, Michigan Bikehoundx
Matthew Guarnieri Shelby Twp. Michigan luckedawg
Linda Prince Guarnieri Shelby Twp. Michigan benice222
Michele Marie Guarnieri Michigan - New York ShellnJon118
Paul John jr. Guarnieri Mt.Clemens, Michigan toaodaddy2
Bob, & Chris Smith Warren, Michigan bobchris4
Aunt Pat Skibinski Washington, Michigan patty2ski
Polly Skibinski Cayman Islands Polly2ski
Pam Skibinski Cayman Islands pam4ski
Sandy Skibinski Toronto, Canada tvestudio
Aunt Peg Florida pegd13
Kevin Guarnieri Burbank, California guarnierik
Margaret Johnson East Point, Michigan guitomaj
Therese Martin ***unknown*** tmartin621
John, & Tracy Stelman ***unknown*** jstelm
Frank Guarnieri ***unknown*** fg082136
Richard Michael Guarnieri Franfort, KY Ginoguar
Miranda Guarnieri Frankfort, KY Mirandy15
Frank Guarnieri   Kennesaw, GA FGuarnieriSr

Now, what are you waiting for... if you are part of the family and would like to be listed on this page... or you have changed your e-mail address or location... please drop a line to Michele Guarnieri and she will promptly add you or make the appropriate changes.  :0)

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