Hi Anthony!

My family lives in southern Georgia.  We have a rare last name here.  Most of our family lives either in the Clearwater, Fl area or in the Youngstown, OH area.  I am hoping you will share this picture of my family from Christmas with others on the website.  Hopefully it will reach some family members we do not get to see or visit often!  Pictured from left to right: John Silas, Courtney, Angie, Anthony (0ur dad) and Adam Guarnieri
Thank you for creating such a great website!

Yours In Good Health,

Angie Guarnieri


Kinship of Angie Guarnieri
Name Relationship with Angie Guarnieri Civil Canon

Guarnieri, Adam Brother II 1
Guarnieri, Angie Self 0
Guarnieri, Anthony Frank Father I 1
Guarnieri, Chris Brother II 1
Guarnieri, Courtney Brother II 1
Guarnieri, Jessica Sister II 1
Guarnieri, John Silas II 1
Sheryl Mother I 1